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There have been many requests for past reviews and articles from For convenience these have been uploaded below in PDF format.

09/08/2016: Brokentalkers chillingly brilliant “The Blue Boy”

29/06/2016: Dystopian love in a problematic ‘Pink Milk’

28/06/2016: ‘The Wake’ is directed to near perfection​
12/06/2016: A beautiful beast ‘Underneath’
10/06/2016: ‘Town Is Dead’ is a dark Dublin delight
30/05/2016: ‘Risk Everything’ is a safe bet

28/05/2016: Dublin Dance Festival 2016 Chotto Desh’ labours its love

27/05/2016: Dublin Dance Festival 2016 'Magie Nouvelle' trips through the light fantastic

26/05/2016: Dublin Dance Festival 2016 ‘Relic’ is what it is

25/05/2016: Dublin Dance Festival 2016 ‘Fulcrum’ has that je ne sais quoi

24/05/2016: Dublin Dance Festival 2016 'Betroffenheit' is a near heavenly hell

23/05/2016: Dublin Dance Festival 2016 ‘Anam’ throws the best party

22/05/2016: Dublin Dance Festival 2016 ‘Shostakovich, Rasa’ believe the hype

20/05/2016: Dublin Dance Festival 2016 confessions of an aging dancer

19/05/2016: Dublin Dance Festival 2016 dancing the digital landscape

18/05/2016: Dublin Dance Festival 2016 ‘AL13FB<3’ turns on your heart light

17/05/2016: Dublin Dance Festival 2016 the physical and political protest of ‘Planites'

12/05/2016: ‘Othello’ makes his Abbey debut​
07/05/2016: ‘Silent’ is golden

06/05/2016: John Cooper Clarke is just what the doctor ordered

26/04/2016: Homage and history in a delightful ‘Northern Star’

23/04/2016: “Signatories” Celebrates a Defining Piece of Theatre

21/04/2016: The best lies beneath the surface in “Tina’s Idea of Fun”

21/04/2016: Powerfully “Embodied” at the GPO

14/04/2016: A mad bad and dangerous “Hamlet”
09/04/2016: A glorious madness “inside The GPO”
31/03/2016: A charming “Worth” pays a price for not knowing its value

26/03/2016: Not enough magic in “The Magic Bookshop”

22/03/2016: Nothing too derogatory with “The Plough and the Stars”

11/03/2016: Identity crisis loom large in a troubled “After Miss Julie”

27/02/2016: Smack bang wallop “Whack!!”

17/02/2016: Turn up and tune in to an excellent "All That Fall”

16/02/2016: "Made in China" is no cheap knock off

02/02/2016: Druid’s “Big Maggie” is a tour de force

26/01/2016: Greig’s destructive "Creditors" is a vicious treat

22/01/2016: Opposites converge in an impressive “Linger”

13/01/2016: Mozart meets John Hughes in a magical “Die Zauberflöte”

07/01/2016: J.M. Synge’s tales of the wild west

16/12/2015: 'Cirque Des Rêves' is something wickedly wonderful
07/12/2015: ‘Snake Eaters’ saved by some fine performances
24/11/2015: Molière’s ‘The School for Wives’ makes a welcome return
22/11/2015: Danny O’rien has them rolling in the aisles
18/11/2015: ‘Coppélia’ blends the best of both worlds
16/11/2015: ‘Through A Glass Darkly’ into a whole other place
11/11/2015: ‘Beowulf: The Blockbuster’ just might be the best story ever
03/11/2015: CoisCim Dance’s ecellent wolf in sheep’s clothing
02/11/2015: Yield to the ‘Temptress’
24/10/2015: ‘Baile de Palabra’ fickers but rarely fames

11/10/2015: Dublin Theatre Festival 2015 take a return journey on ‘The Train’

09/10/2015: Dublin Theatre Festival 2015 an incredibly busy ‘Shibboleth’

09/10/2015: Dublin Theatre Festival 2015 ‘Dancehall’ dazzles the dark

07/10/2015: Dublin Theatre Festival 2015 tg STAN's 'The Cherry Orchard' blossoms

02/10/2015: Dublin Theatre Festival 2015 blinded by the light in an excellent ‘Oedipus’

02/10/2015: Dublin Theatre Festival 2015 artless for art’s sake in ‘Corps Diplomatique’

30/09/2015: Dublin Theatre Festival 2015 buckle up for ‘Chekhov’s First Play’

29/09/2015: Dublin Theatre Festival 2015 ‘Newcastlewest’ is like kinda good

27/09/2015: Dublin Theatre Festival 2015 you won’t want to leave ‘The Last Hotel’

27/09/2015: Dublin Theatre Festival 2015 infuriatingly enjoyable 'The Night Alive’

26/09/2015: Dublin Theatre Festival 2015 you could do worse, and better, than “Hooked!”

25/09/2015: Dublin Theatre Festival 2015 ‘I’m Your Man’s’ dark night of the soul

24/09/2015: Dublin Theatre Festival 2015 a dark ‘Star of the Sea’ shines ever so bright

17/09/2015: Dispatches from the Fringe: the extraordinary in the ordinary
17/09/2015: Dispatches from the Fringe: no holds barred in 'You're Not Alone'

16/09/2015: Dispatches from the Fringe: the perfectly imperfect clash in ‘Love+’

16/09/2015: Dispatches from the Fringe: songs and stories and ‘No Encore’

13/09/2015: Dispatches from the Fringe: bad girl ‘Agrippina’ is so good
13/09/2015: Dispatches from the Fringe: ‘(Not) Belonging’ is weird and wonderful

11/09/2015: Dispatches from the Fringe: little refuge to be found in 'Sklonište’

10/09/2015: Dispatches from the Fringe: sins of “The Auld Fella”

10/09/2015: Dispatches from the Fringe: daddy’s girl needs to ‘Remember to Breathe’
10/09/2015: Dispatches from the Fringe: Christmas comes eary in ‘Our Isand’
09/09/2015: Dispatches from the Fringe: strength and vulnerability ‘Embody the Void’
08/09/2015: Dispatches from the Fringe: ‘Grounded’ soars to stunning heights
07/09/2015: Dispathes from the Fringe: great rcekonings in small spaces in ‘Tend/Liminal’
07/09/2015: Dispatches from the Fringe: ‘Feathers’ is a thing of joy

06/09/2015: Dispatches from the Fringe: unfulfilled promise in a clever 'Jellyfish'

28/08/2015: Youth shines on a challenging Salt Mountain

01/06/2015: Dublin Dance Festival 2015 – Hail and a fond farewell

30/05/2015: Dublin Dance Festival 2015 – Double Bill doubles the fun

29/05/2015: Dublin Dance Festival 2015 – In a timeless moment

28/05/2015: Dublin Dance Festival 2015 – White lies in a digital snowstorm

27/05/2015: Dublin Dance Festival 2015 – Express yourself

26/05/2015: Dublin Dance Festival 2015 – The poetry of motion

25/05/2015: Dublin Dance Festival 2015 – A body of ideas

24/05/2015: Dublin Dance Festival 2015 – Take a walk on the wild side

23/05/2015: Dublin Dance Festival 2015 - Four become One

23/05/2015: Dublin Dance Festival 2015 – Douglas delights Dublin

21/05/2015: Dublin Dance Festival 2015 – Death’s dark, delightful handmaiden

20/05/2015: Dublin Dance Festival 2015 – A horse of a different colour

19/05/2015: Dublin Dance Festival 2015 – Nothing lasts forever, except forever


27/11/2014: A First Class Last Post

13/11/2014: Neither Either presents the best of both worlds

25/10/2014: Ballet Ireland's Swan Lake premiere makes big promises

09/10/2014: Dublin Theatre Festival 2014 - Youth shines in a troubled Spring Awakening

07/10/2014: Dublin Theatre Festival 2014 – Sinning for the truth

05/10/2014: Dublin Theatre Festival 2014 – Dark devotions in Our Few and Evil Days

03/10/2014: Dublin Theatre Festival 2014 – Spinning will leave you reeling

02/10/2014: Dublin Theatre Festival 2014 – A Half Formed Girl Reined In Too Tightly

01/10/2014: Dublin Theatre Festival 2014 – A theatrical Ganesh is a triumphant success

19/09/2014: Dispatches from The Fringe - A Dead Requiem

18/09/2014: Dispatches from The Fringe – A Sad Sam Bites The Dust

17/09/2014: Dispatches from The Fringe - Hopelessly Devoted to Smilin

17/09/2014: Dispatches from The Fringe - Fading In The Light Fantastic

16/09/2014: Dispatches from The Fringe – Peig Sayers Is Still Hard Work

16/09/2014: Dispatches from The Fringe – Man He Feels Like A Woman

15/09/2014: Dispatches from The Fringe – A Lamb In Wolves Clothing

13/09/2014: Dispatches from The Fringe - The Best Presents Come In Small Parcels

12/09/2014: Dispatches from The Fringe – A Pilgrim’s Progress Through 9/11

11/09/2014: Dispatches from The Fringe – Begorrah it’s great craic

10/09/2014: Dispatches from The Fringe – Lurky! Lurky! Gets Lost In Transition

09/09/2014: Dispatches from The Fringe – Set Adrift On Memory Bliss

08/09/2014: Dispatches from The Fringe – No Rest For The Wickedly Funny

08/09/2014: Dispatches from The Fringe - A well intentioned Advocacy gets lost in language

31/05/2014: Dublin Dance Festival 2014 - Here Comes The Math Bit

31/05/2014: Dublin Dance Festival 2014 - A Pony Song and Dance Party

27/05/2014: Dublin Dance Festival 2014 - Swing's the thing

25/05/2014: Humanity and Heartache in The Fens

23/05/2014: A Bold, Beautiful Beckett


16/10/2013: Dublin Theatre Festival 2013 - Families lost within The Hanging Gardens

11/10/2013: Dublin Theatre Festival 2013 - Song, Shakespeare and O’Sullivan simply superb

10/10/2013: Dublin Theatre Festival 2013 - An anti-epic to an American Everyman

08/10/2013: Dublin Theatre Festival 2013 - Tragedy strikes under the elms

04/10/2013: Dublin Theatre Festival 2013 - Critical acclaim for a Magical production

03/10/2013: Dublin Theatre Festival 2013 - The Events brave attempt at an answer

02/10/2013: Dublin Theatre Festival 2013 - A riverrun deep with sound and fury

01/10/2013: Dublin Theatre Festival 2013 -  Dark Dusky Delight

19/09/2013: Dispatches from The Fringe - You'll like this Boys and Girls

18/09/2013: Dispatches from The Fringe - Hopelessly devoted to Ruth 66

17/09/2013: Dispatches from The Fringe – Beware the charms of a Stoneybatter strangler

16/09/2013: Dispatches from The Fringe - Marlowe murder mystery misses its mark

15/09/2013: Dispatches from The Fringe - Blue Teapot's Sanctuary conquers all

14/09/2013: Dispatches from The Fringe - Fit/Misfit misses and hits

12/09/2013: Dispatches from The Fringe - Exit Strategy yields a low return on investment

11/09/2013: Dispatches from The Fringe – Sweet dreams are made of this

11/09/2013: Dispatches from The Fringe – Let's hear it for the Bois

09/09/2013: Dispatches from The Fringe - Memory made strange packs a pretty solid punch

08/09/2013: Dispatches from The Fringe - Way Back Home almost gets there

06/09/2013: Dispatches from The Fringe - Wage is powerful, political and poignant


14/10/2012: Festival Connect - A beautiful Shibari makes for a near perfect arrangement

13/10/2012: Festival Connect - The best of all things are found in Halcyon Days

12/10/2012: Festival Connect - Saying just don’t make it so in The Coming Storm

11/10/2012: Festival Connect - An uneven Dorian Gray has some picture perfect moments

09/10/2012: Festival Connect - Summer lovin’ is less than a blast

08/10/2012: Festival Connect - Mystery Magnet offers a stunning and provocative spectacle

05/10/2012: Festival Connect - Old loves and secrets in a beautiful Brooklyn Sky

05/10/2012: Festival Connect - DruidMurphy’s Famine is a glorious east

03/10/2012: Festival Connect - Opposites attract in The Talk Of The Town

27/09/2012: Festival Connect - The Boys of Foley Street will leave you reeling

23/09/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - I Am Martin Sharry inhabits spaces between spaces

20/09/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - Clowns with big shoes and little laughs

19/09/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - Youth conquers all with Dublinese and Shandango

18/09/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - Constellations is poetic, dramatic, visceral beauty

17/09/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - Simple good fun, Singlehood is a delight

17/09/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - Farm is innovative theatre at its best

16/09/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - Green Street is powerful but unfocused

15/09/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - DVDs, Dogs, Hipsters and Danes

14/09/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe – Preissner’s Solpadeine is poetry in motion

13/09/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - FLÅTPÄCK is perfectly assembled

12/09/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe- White Rabbit, Red Rabbit, Russian Roulette

11/09/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - Elevator is fast, flashy and fabulous

11/09/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - A Wine Goose Chase serves a delightful vintage

09/09/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe – Nonchalant, excellent, This Is How We Fly

09/09/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - Death of The Tradesmen is brave but flawed

26/08/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - An American Girlfriend charms and disarms

25/08/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - Glory Dazed will leave you reeling

24/08/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - Bereavement is song, stage and performer

23/08/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - Steve Jobs, the message and the messenger

23/08/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe – Danny’s got some funny friends

22/08/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - A clever Trevor thinks he is and just might be

21/08/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - Totally Wired!, totally funny, totally brilliant

21/08/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - Pretty When I’m Drunk isn’t pretty at all.

20/08/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - O'Hanlon and Buckley are funny and free

20/08/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - A youthful Tissue is a towering success

20/08/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - A principled Hunger whets the appetite

19/08/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - Hearts on Fire generates serious heat

19/08/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - (remor) is 11 minutes of perfection

18/08/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - The Blanks fire some pretty solid shots

17/08/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - The Showstoppers live up to their name.

16/08/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - Party time with the Ladyboys and a Scot

15/08/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - Visceral, vulnerable, The Sh*t is sheer brilliance

15/08/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - A lukewarm Love and Understanding lacks fire

14/08/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - Summerhall gets physical

14/08/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - And They Played Shang-A-Lang misses its mark

13/08/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - A charming Flaneurs pulls its punches

12/08/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - laughs galore from the witch and a bitch

11/08/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe- No pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow

10/08/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe: Fun, but no real frolics at the Comic Strip


13/10/2011: TK Productions deliver a sweet little 13

07/10/2011: Playhouse's The Origins Project aims high

19/08/2011: Brief Encounters – Keep It Brief! Heller’s Festival of Short Plays 2011

29/07/2011: Tulsa Project Theatre serves up a Broadway buffet.

24/07/2011: Theatre Pops' dead Tinkerbell sparkles with life

08/07/2011: Theatre Tulsa successfully mines The Pitmen Painters

12/06/2011: Trinity’s As You Like It suffers from too many good things

11/06/2011: Trinity’s Macbeth is a visual spectacle full of heart and fury

10/06/2011: Youth steps up in The Emergence Project

20/05/2011: Nightingale’s Blood Relations is a diamond in the rough.

13/05/2011: Pros outweigh the cons in A Lesson Before Dying

06/05/2011: Odeum’s Swimming in the Shallows shows unusual lack of depth

01/04/2011: Too many problems in Theatre Pops Man From Nebraska.

26/03/2011: Just Some Good Ol’ Boys offers more than just good ol’ fun.

17/03/2011: Shining City takes the rocky road, but ultimately arrives in style

20/02/2011: Keep It Brief, Heller Theatre’s Annual Short Play Contest 2011

18/02/2011: Odeum provide several good Reasons to Be Pretty impressed

12/02/2011: Playhouse Tulsa’s Triumphant Love Song

22/01/2011: Magical moments to be found in The Scarlet Letter


03/12/2010: Getting Out presents a triumph of the spirit over adversity

13/11/2010: Heller Theatre stamp their considerable authority on Mauritius

12/11/2010: Is After Miss Julie a bridge too far for Odeum Theatre Company?

30/10/2010: John Lennon's death commemorated by Theatre Tulsa

24/10/2010: New Playwrights debut at Tulsa Performing Arts Center

28/06/2016: Respectfully biting the hand that feeds​
02/05/2016: In Defense of a Tulsan Critic
22/03/2016: Dublin Dance Festival 2016
01/12/2015: In Conversation with Annie Ryan
17/11/2015: ‘Dublin Live Art Festival - Winter 2015’ breaking new ground for a second time
12/11/2015: '#WakingTheFeminists' set hearts on fire at the Abbey Theatre

09/11/2015: 'Waking The Nation' is 'Waking The Feminists'

03/11/2015: Gare St Lazare Ireland bring Beckett to New York

01/11/2015: In Conversation with Junk Ensemble
30/10/2015: Abbey Theatre ‘Waking The Nation’ in 2016
26/10/2015: Culture Ireland to celebrate throughout the US in 2016

11/10/2015: Tipperary Dance Platform 2015

07/10/2015: Youngbloods: Lauren-Shannon Jones

03/10/2015: In Memoriam: Brian Friel 1929 to 2015

23/09/2015: Dublin Theatre Festival 2015

20/09/2015: Dispatches from the Fringe: all over bar the celebrations

25/08/2015: Dispatches from the Fringe: two weeks of the tiger

16/07/2015: Dublin Live Art Festival 2015 – Expect the Unexpected

11/05/2015: Dublin Dance Festival 2015


30/09/2014: Dublin Theatre Festival – A Thrilling Line Up for 2014

21/09/2014: Dispatches from The Fringe – Tiger Dublin Fringe 2014 Award Winners

19/09/2014: Dublin Live Art Festival 2014

05/09/2014: Dispatches from the Fringe - Dublin Gets Ready To Roar

22/05/2014: Dublin Dancing

06/05/2014: The Double Edged Sword

09/02/2014: Love Bites on Valentine's Night


04/09/2013: Celebrations, Congratulations and Carrie Bradshaw at MART

27/08/2013: Dispatches from The Fringe - Showtime 2013


30/12/2012: A Near Impossible Task

31/10/2012: Festival Connect - Is performance art where it's at?

01/10/2012: Warm Delicious Play - buy the ticket, take the ride

26/09/2012: Festival Connect – 18 days of Dublin tales

25/09/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe- Awards and winners

08/09/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe – over 90 good reasons to visit Dublin

28/08/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - all you could want and more (2)

27/08/2012: Dispatches from The Fringe - all you could want and more (1)

10/08/2012: Wishing You Were Here - Dispatches from The Fringe

07/03/2012: The Frogs and The Nightingale


28/09/2011: Pandora on The Hub and Tulsa Fringe

20/09/2011: Tulsa Project Theatre unveil their 2011/12 season

27/07/2011: Opening Pandora – The Pandora Project

26/06/2011: Tulsa honors its own at the third annual TATE’s


20/10/2010: Theater reviews: Are they just someone's opinion?

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