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Dublin Fringe Festival 2022: Blister

Síofra O Meara in Blister. Image by Donal Talbot


Linda has a vivid imagination. She also has a touch of OCD, and maybe a little body dysmorphia. She also has vaginal herpes which she recently contracted. Whether it was from her ex or her current boyfriend, the gormless Patrick, she isn’t quite sure. Maybe she’s had it for years and didn’t know. All highlighting that, mostly, Linda has lots and lots of anxiety. The arrival of herpes sending it sky rocketing through the roof. Now she can’t shut up talking, thinking and worrying about herpes. Yet it becomes painfully clear as Patrick and Linda negotiate the early stages of a relationship, anxiety is no excuse for being a weak or bad person. In Síofra O Meara’s bittersweet Blister, the worst disease in any relationship proves not to be an STD, but a failure to honestly communicate.

Under Simon Geaney’s impressive direction, Blister is crafted into a beautifully judged production. From Eric Fitzgerald's sound design, Shane Gill’s lighting, to Jess Fitzsimmons Kane's curtain lace set design, Geaney maximises the elegance of the minimum to realise beauty in its simplicity. Supporting in meaningful ways both performances. Mirroring the simplicity and directness of O’Meara’s clever script. Walking a tight rope between Normal People and an hour-long special of Friends, Blister mixes the meaningful and comic. O’Meara delightful as the self-unassured Linda. Edward Murphy, demonstrating all the worst qualities of Ross Geller, proving wonderfully frustrating, and almost stealing the show.

Heavy yet light, and delightfully brought together, Blister is one of those enjoyable shows that makes a statement for all involved. It says watch this space, for there’s serious talent at work here. Particularly Geaney, Murphy and O’Meara.

Blister, by Síofra O Meara, runs as part of Dublin Fringe Festival 2022 at The New Theatre until September 24.

For more information visit Dublin Fringe Festival 2022


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