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Tiger Dublin Fringe 2016: Nautilus

Nautilus by Trygve Wakenshaw

Photo credit: Trygve Wakenshaw


Animal crackers in a delightful Nautilus

Taking to the stage like the international, comedic superstar that he is, Trygve Wakenshaw struts and poses, dancing wildly while working the audience into a mild frenzy. Mild at first, for Wakenshaw is a master of his craft and he knows how to build to a big finish. Call it mime. Call it clowning. Call it impersonation, imitation or emulation with an accompanying, eclectic soundscape. Whatever you call it, 'Nautilus' is one of the funniest, cleverest, most imaginative shows of the festival and will have you cheering out loud.

In 'Nautilus' Wakenshaw tells some of the worst jokes, has some of the worst sketches and sings some of the worst renditions of songs imaginable. But he does it all in the best possible way. Mime and clown meet impersonation and a cacophony of sound effects, all supplied by Wakenshaw, in what often resembles the worst overdubbed cartoon ever. 'Nautilus's' rich menagerie highlight the dangers of marrying a chicken, trying to shoot a dinosaur with a tranquiliser, being around a cat who loves musicals and learning to know that moo means moo. Humans also make an appearance as Jesus, Rapunzel and some guy called Trygve Wakensahw throw their lot in with the animals, are fascinated by a can of coke and indulge us with the best worst striptease ever.

The sound of silence is golden in 'Nautilus,' but its soundscape is utterly hilarious. Why did the chicken cross the road? Who cares. It’s how it got there that matters. And Wakenshaw ensures it gets there in hilarious fashion. Inventive, innovative and sublimely funny, 'Nautilus' is so good, you might just fall off your seat laughing.

'Nautilus' by Trygve Wakenshaw ran at The Spiegeltent@Merrion Square as part of The Tiger Dublin Fringe

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