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Tiger Dublin Fringe 2016: Awards

Last Order of Business

As the Tiger Dublin Fringe wraps up on its final day, there’s still the eagerly anticipated matter of this year’s Tiger Dublin Fringe Awards. Presented in 9 categories, culminating in 10 separate awards, The Tiger Dublin Fringe Awards exist to recognise, reward and celebrate the hard work and talent on display in the festival each year.

Artistic Director of Tiger Dublin Fringe 2016, Kris Nelson, opened proceedings with a huge thank you to all companies involved in the festival, making its twenty-second edition, hosting a staggering 73 productions, 412 performances, with 40 world premieres, all which ran in 23 amazing venues across Dublin city.

Nelson said - "The quality of work in this year’s festival has blown us away. Fringe has illuminated our city this September with adventurous and brave works from Ireland’s brightest and most exciting creators and some very special international guests. Over 600 artists made our judges’ decisions very difficult this year, and we’re delighted to recognise their extraordinary contribution to Ireland’s cultural landscape at the Tiger Dublin Fringe Awards.”

Chairperson of the Fringe judging panel, Julie Kelleher, said - "We were really impressed by the superb quality of work across the whole programme, whether from well established or emerging artists, we applaud the artists who managed to couple sharp political commentary with a tremendous sense of fun. We felt that this a been a vintage year for Dublin Fringe and look forward to seeing more of these shows throughout the coming year, and more from the brilliant artists who made them."

So without further ado, the winners are:

Best Production Award: RIOT by THISISPOPBABY

Presented by TIGER DUBIN FRINGE to the show, production or event that has it all, displaying excellence in every area of production, design, performance, concept and execution. This award acknowledges the enormous work and talent that is poured into presenting work at the festival and honours the comprehensive production.

Best Design Award: This Beach by Brokentalkers

The award presented for outstanding lighting, sound, scenic, projection, costume or overall design. For Overall Design, Costume and Scenic Design by Sabine Dargent, Lighting Design by Sarah Jane Shiels, Sound Design by Jack Cawley.

Best Performers Award:

  • Trygve Wakenshaw - Nautilis

  • Oona Doherty - Hope Hunt

Two of the festival’s best performers will take home this much sought-after accolade from a field of up to 10 nominees. [Formerly given to best male and female, Fringe has broadened this category to suit all gender identification]

Best Ensemble Award: Rusangano Family

Sometimes it’s the entire cast that makes a show. Introduced in 2014, this award recognises the ensemble as the standout – the key and driving action behind a project or show.

Judges Choice Award: Very Rich Hours by TableTop

Instituted in 2014, this award recognises a project, contributor, experience of Fringe event that defies categorisation and is simply just too good to pass by unheralded.

Fishamble New Writing Award: Animalia by Ian Toner

Honouring the best play by a new or emerging Irish (or Ireland-based) playwright premiered during TIGER DUBLIN FRINGE, this award includes dramaturgical support as appropriate, for instance, a scholarship place on one of Fishamble's acclaimed playwriting courses and / or support through the New Play Clinic for the playwright’s next play, generously supported by Fishamble: The New Play Company. The idea of new writing is interpreted broadly to include new works in the area of dance, performance art, music, multi-author, post dramatic works and so on.

First Fortnight Award: Half Light by Mollie Molumby

Since its inception in 2009, First Fortnight’s key aim has been to challenge stigma and prejudice about mental health issues through the creative arts.

Next Stage Wild Card Award: Hanna Bowe (Glowworm)

DUBLIN FRINGE awards a bursary to an artist who has been part of the festival, enabling them to participate in the Next Stage – an artist development programme run by Dublin Theatre Festival in partnership with Theatre Forum.

Bewley's Cafe Theatre 'Little Gem' Award: The Humours of Bandon by Margaret McAuliffe

Bewley's Café Theatre is Ireland's foremost presenter of lunchtime theatre and is delighted and proud to continue to sponsor the Bewley's Café Theatre 'Little Gem' Award for the most exciting show presented at this year's TIGER DUBLIN FRINGE under 60 minutes. The selection is made up by the jury for final approval by Bewley's Café Theatre. The prize is a handsome one; the winning production earns a two week run at Bewley's Café Theatre with €2000 available to the company for remounting the production.

Sincere congratulations to all this years winners, and to all of this years participants. And to Kris Nelson and his dedicated team for another exciting and thought provoking festival. It can be easy to forget the staggering amount of work involved in putting something like Tiger Dublin Fringe together. Nelson and his team have done themselves proud. Time for everyone to enjoy a well-deserved rest, till next year.

Or till the Dublin Theatre Festival rolls into town later this week.

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