Dublin Fringe Festival 2018: The Winners

The sets struck for the final time, Dublin Fringe Festival 2018’s 80 productions, 554 performances, with 55 world premieres, that ran in 26 amazing venues right across Dublin final draws to a close. Time to process and reflect. But firstly to celebrate. And to announce this years winners. Best Production Award Presented by DUBLIN FRINGE FESTIVAL to the show, production or event that has it all, displaying excellence in every area of production, design, performance, concept and execution. This award acknowledges the enormous work and talent that is poured into presenting work at the festival and honours the comprehensive production. WINNER: MY DAD’s BLIND by Anna Sheils McNamee OTHER SHORTLIST NOMINEES ASSISTED SOLO by Philip Connaughton Company CAGED by Femme Bizarre EVERYTHING I DO by One Two, One Two ONEDAY by Dick Walsh & James Moran Best Design Award The award presented for outstanding lighting, sound, scenic, projection, costume or overall design. WINNER: I N F I N I T Y by Eoghan Carrick & Neasa Matthews OTHER SHORTLIST NOMINEES: AFTER by Liv O’Donoghue ASSISTED SOLO by Philip Connaughton Company FRAGMENTS by Jessie Keenan MY DAD’s BLIND by Anna Sheils McNamee OWING TO THE FAILURE OF by Zoë Comyns Best Performers Award Two of the festival’s brightest stars and best performers will take home this much sought-after accolade from a field of up to 10 nominees. [Formerly given to best male and female, Fringe has broadened this category to suit all gender indentification] WINNERS: Fionn Foley for BRENDAN GALILEO FOR EUROPE Zoe Ní Riordan for EVERYTHING I DO (One Two, One Two) OTHER SHORTLIST NOMINEES: · Bláthín MacGabhann for LEX TALIONIS · Damola Mac Diarmada for BLACK JAM · Felispeaks for BOY CHILD · Kate Kennedy for THE CATS MOTHER · Magali Caillet for ASSISTED SOLO · Nessa Matthews for I N F I N I T Y · Pom Boyd for SHAME · Shane Connolly for ONEDAY Best Ensemble Award Sometimes it’s the entire cast that makes a show. Introduced in 2014, this award recognises the ensemble as the standout – the key and driving action behind a project or show. WINNER: DREAMGUN FILM READS: The Fringe Binge OTHER SHORTLIST NOMINEES: · BLACK JAM: Cure · FABLE · LEX TALIONIS · THE LIGHTKEEPERS’ LAST STAND Judges’ Choice Award Instituted in 2014, this award recognises a project, contributor, experience of Fringe event that defies categorisation and is simply just too good to pass by unheralded. Zeitgeist: for shows with the finger on the pulse of social change: WINNERS: BLACK JAM: Cure by Fried Plantains Collective FIANNA FELLATIO PARTY LAUNCH by Glitter Hole OTHER SHORTLIST NOMINEES: · ASTRONAUT by Joe Wright · COCK, COCK… WHO’S THERE? by Samira Elogoz · LEX TALIONIS by Wandering Star · THE LIGHTKEEPERS’ LAST STAND by Loosysmokes Best Duo: WINNER: CAGED by Femme Bizarre OTHER SHORTLIST NOMINEES: · CHIKADA by Ali & Henrik · MY DAD’s BLIND by Anna Sheils McNamee · SUMMERTIME by Slip & Sync · WICHES AND DOGS by Erin McGathy & Ben Seeder Fishamble New Writing Award Honouring the best play by a new or emerging Irish (or Ireland-based) playwright premiered during DUBLIN FRINGE FESTIVAL, this award includes dramaturgical support as appropriate, for instance, a scholarship place on one of Fishamble's acclaimed playwriting courses and generously supported by Fishamble: The New Play Company. The idea of new writing is interpreted broadly to include new works in the area of dance, performance art, music, multi-author, post dramatic works and so on. WINNER: THE CATS MOTHER by Ericka Murray OTHER SHORTLIST NOMINEES: BEAT by Fionntán Larney & Dominic O’Brien FOR SAOIRSE from Colm Keegan presented by Axis Ballymun VIVA VOCE by Lauren-Shannon Jones First Fortnight Award Since its inception in 2009, First Fortnight’s key aim has been to challenge stigma and prejudice about mental health issues through the creative arts. The winner will perform at the next First Fortnight Festival. WINNER: I N F I N I T Y by Eoghan Carrick & Neasa Matthews OTHER SHORTLIST NOMINEES: DRIP FEED by Karen Cogan DROWNING by Marise Gaughan SHAME by Pom Boyd & Sean Millar Next Stage Wild Card Award DUBLIN FRINGE awards a bursary to an artist who has been part of the festival, enabling them to participate in the Next Stage – an artist development programme run by Dublin Theatre Festival in partnership with Theatre Forum. WINNER: Shana May Breen for THE SOUND OF PHOENIX Bewley's Cafe Theatre 'Little Gem' Award Bewley's Café Theatre is Ireland's foremost presenter of lunchtime theatre and is delighted and proud to continue to sponsor the Bewley's Café Theatre 'Little Gem' Award for the most exciting show presented at this year's DUBLIN FRINGE FESTIVAL under 60 minutes. The selection is made up by the jury for final approval by Bewley's Café Theatre. The prize is a handsome one; the winning production is earns a two week run at Bewley's Café Theatre with €2000 available to the company for remounting the production. WINNER: · BRENDAN GALILEO FOR EUROPE by Fionn Foley OTHER SHORTLIST NOMINEES: APPROPRIATE by Sarah Jane Scott IRELAND’S CALL by John Connors LEX TALIONIS by Wandering Star MAKING SENSE by Aine Gallagher Spirit of Wit: Moira Brady Averill Award A monetary prize and unique award for an artist willing to take risks and whose work defies categorisation with bold and unconventional material. In memory of Moira Brady Averill, who had the power to transform space and thought through alchemic wit. WINNER: Reckless Ross from SPIT (Double Bill) OTHER SHORTLIST NOMINEES: BILLY by Sarah Gordon & Alice Malseed DREAMGUN FILM READS DROWNING by Marise Gaughan SWEET SENSATIONS by Teri Fitzgerald WITCHES & DOGS by Erin McGathy & Ben Seeder Outburst Queer Fringe Award Outburst Queer Arts Festival is Belfast’s annual explosion for fierce new queer performance, film, theatre, art activism and creative ideas from all over the world. The winner of this award will be invited to bring their work to Belfast as part of the festival’s 2018 programme, this November. WINNER: OVERFIRED by Stefan Fae and Lady K OTHER SHORTLIST NOMINEES: · CONFIRMATION by Xnthony · THE FATTEST DANCER AT ST. BERNADETTE’S by The Breadline Collective Warm congratulations to all involved and to all the winners. Staging a Fringe show is never easy. And as the dust settles and people begin to reflect, one thing cannot be disputed: the Herculean effort right across the board, from volunteers to acts. Time for a well earned rest. But only till Thursday . When Dublin Theatre Festival 2018 rolls into Dublin and this haven for theatre becomes theatre heaven all over again. #Article #DublinFringeFestival2018

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